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At Taurus Piping Solutions, our main goal is to achieve 100% client satisfaction. We provide our customers with products and services that validate these requirements and established quality standards at the necessary level to ensure that the requirements are effectively implemented in our organization. As a holistic approach to achieving these quality objectives, we are committed to continuous improvement. The priorities and related quality standards are checked and communicated to all employees on a regular basis.

All our products are tested in compliance with internationally recognized standards or our own more rigorous internal testing procedures, which are established taking into account the demanding environments in different sector. At Taurus Piping Solutions, our commitment guarantees the uncompromising quality of the service offered to our clients. It is achieved by a collaborative approach in which all workers are aware of the company's goals and aim to make a positive contribution to their own discipline.


Our quality control team incorporates technical experts who have knowledge of manufacturing standards and state-of-the-art testing equipment and tools to fulfill all requirements and make sure that the product meets with the exact specifications of our customer and various quality standards.Our quality control program guarantees the highest quality standards which continuously contributes to the setting and fulfillment of organizational goals. These are all crucial for the continued development of Taurus Piping Solutions. Our dedication guarantees uncompromising quality, responsive service, reasonable pricing and timely delivery to the customer.


ISO 9001:2015