Mild Steel SOFF Backing Ring Flanges Manufacturer in India

ASME B16.5 / ANSI B16.47 150# & 300#

Mild Steel Backup Flange
Mild Steel Backing Ring Flange Manufacturer

Mild Steel Backing Ring Flange Manufacturer

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Taurus Piping Solutions (TPS) is one of the top Mild Steel Backing Ring Flanges entities, with high end expertise in Manufacturing, Exporting and Stocking. We have a huge consumer base, who are overtly satisfied by our top-notch quality products and engaging consumer support services. With decades of experience, We have established our brand in both national and international markets in providing affordable products pertaining to the industry.

A Mild Steel Backing Ring Flange is a circular metal ring, with holes around the perimeter, used in pairs to bolt two HDPE pipes together, or used when installing flanged components, e.g. water meters, wafer valves, check valves. This allows length of PE pipe to be disconnected and reconnected, for inspections, replacement or relocation. The internal diameter of the mild steel backing ring flange should always be slightly larger than the outside diameter of the HDPE pipe.

Mild Steel Backing Ring Flange Specification

  • Standard : AS 2129 Table D, E, F, H, J,K, R, S & T, ANSI, ASME, EN1092, JIS, SABS1123, GOST-12820, AS/NZS 4087
  • Dimensions : ANSI B16.5, ANSI B16.47, Series A & B
  • BS : BS4504, BS10
  • Class : 150 LBS, 300 LBS
  • Pressure : PN6, PN10, PN16, PN25, PN40, PN64, PN100, PN160
  • Size : ½” (15 NB) to 48″ (1200NB)
  • Type : Backing Ring Flange / Backup Flange

Mild Steel Backing Ring Flanges Manufacturer, Mild Steel EN 1092-1 Backup Flange Exporter in India, Mild Steel IS 2062 Backup Ring, Mild Steel BRF, Mild Steel Stub Flange and Backing Ring, Mild Steel Back Up Flanges Exporter in Australia.

These Mild Steel backing rings Flange allow the two ends of a pipe to be joined with bolts. Also known as back up plates, mild steel backing rings flange hold the pipeline tightly to a valve or fitting and are often required for high-pressure pipe applications. TPS backing rings flange come in Stainless Steel backing rings are also available.

Our packaging focus on the every procedure to assure quality, the packages we usually take is pack fittings with environmental poly bags, and then in free fumigation wooden cases. Mild Steel Backing Ring Flange can accept customized package. Our Mild Steel Backing Ring Flange have been widely accepted across the globe, such as Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Tunisia, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait etc.

Mild Steel Backing Ring Flanges Applications and Uses

Our Mild Steel Backing Ring Flanges are used in a wide range of applications and various industries. Below are a few of them:

Power Generation
Mining Industry
Engineering & General Piping
Offshore Oil Drilling Companies
Construction & Water Pipeline
Petrochemicals & Nuclear


Other Types Of Mild Steel Soff Backing Ring Flanges

Mild Steel Soff Backing Ring Flange

Mild Steel IS 2062 Backing Ring FlangeMild Steel Backing RingASME B16.47 MS Backup FlangeMild Steel BS 4504 Backing Ring FlangesMS EN 1092-1 Backup RingGI Backing Ring

Mild Steel Backup Flanges

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