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Backing Ring Flange

Backing Ring Flange Products #1 Quality Flanges Manufacturers in India Australia, Egypt, Iran, New Zealand, Saudi, USA,

Backing Ring Flange Products #1 Quality Flanges Manufacturers in India Australia, Egypt, Iran, New Zealand, Saudi, USA,

Backing Ring Flange Company #1 Best Flanges Manufacturers

Backing Ring Flange Company #1 Best Flanges Manufacturers, Taurus Piping Solutions Website leading exporter: Taurus Piping Solutions is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of Backing Ring Flanges. We manufacturer and exporter all of these products in different materials such as Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Duplex and Super Duplex Steel, Cupro Nickel, Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy, Nickel Alloy and other ferrous and non-ferrous grades.

Our products are delivered to a wide variety of industries and applications, including automotive, food processing, boiler, pressure vessels, shipbuilding, oil refineries, petroleum, paper production, oil and gas, infrastructure projects and medical instruments – among several other applications.

Backing Ring Flange VISION

Continued growth through client servicing, innovation, quality and commitment. Our ultimate goal is to become the world’s leading steel manufacturer recognized for its innovation, superior quality, environmental and human-sensitive approach and characteristics.

Backing Ring Flange MISSION

Supplying superior quality products, providing associated services and solutions to a global client base while making use of technological innovations within an environment of motivated employees, focused on continuous growth, high business principles, work ethics and corporate citizenship, contributing to enhanced value for our customers.

WHY CHOOSE US Backing Ring Flange?

We offer our customers with unmatched support, while providing high-quality products at affordable prices. To guarantee that their particular needs are met, we collaborate with our clients, both big and small. Our experience lets us contribute towards every client’s progress. By working with our customers we at Taurus Piping Solutions helps them with the additional professional expertise that differentiates us from our competitors.


At Taurus Piping Solutions, our main goal is to achieve 100% client satisfaction. We provide our customers with products and services that validate these requirements and established quality standards at the necessary level to ensure that the requirements are effectively implemented in our organization. As a holistic approach to achieving these quality objectives, we are committed to continuous improvement. The priorities and related quality standards are checked and communicated to all employees on a regular basis.

All our products are tested in compliance with internationally recognized standards or our own more rigorous internal testing procedures, which are established taking into account the demanding environments in different sector. At Taurus Piping Solutions, our commitment guarantees the uncompromising quality of the service offered to our clients. It is achieved by a collaborative approach in which all workers are aware of the company’s goals and aim to make a positive contribution to their own discipline.

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